Forest with a road from above

To ensure that every forest owner gets the maximum out of their forest and to also guarantee transparency of all activities, by letting forest owners participate in all forest management operations, we have created unique innovations in the entire cycle of forest management.

Dižozols innovations in the whole timber delivery chain

We wish every forest owner to be sure that they receive the best service possible. Thus, by introducing new technologies, we work to ensure that owners are able to pass decisions themselves by evaluating different alternatives


Evaluation of forest stands

The most modern callipers allow us to measure every tree precisely. This ensures fast evaluation of the forest stand and absolutely precise measurement of cubature


Unique data base of prices and assortments

Before commencing felling in your forest, find out which assortment has the highest price. Receive a price list.


Check the forest cutting process

Printout from the harvester — assortment and volume that has been prepared; report from the forwarder; at the timber yards, we are currently testing CCTVs that will be accessible remotely 24/7.


Transporting of timber

On timber trucks we are currently testing CCTVs that will be operating 24/7. Electronic invoices that are automatically available in Customer Cabinet, GPS tracking.


Certified independent measurement

Timber measurement performed by VMF, a widely recognised neutral expert.

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Dial 88 77 and receive a free consultation from the field specialists with experience of more than 25 years in forest management.

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