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It may well be that, when planning and performing forest felling, not enough attention is paid to logistics — where and how timber is transported, yet logistics is one of the main stages that determines whether you will receive maximum financial benefit from the cut timber. To ensure maximum benefit for our customers, we have developed a unique innovation — an on-line database with all timber delivery sites in Latvia and current prices of all assortments. It is used when planning the delivery site for the assortment. The system automatically calculates expenses for transportation of timber from the roadside to the delivery site. 

Our timber truck fleet at the end of 2018 consisted of 8 vehicles, but in the high season together with trusted cooperation partners we ensure cargoes for 20 timber trucks. All our trucks are equipped with GPS tracking and CCTVs. Customers can connect to them and see that cargoes are on the way to final delivery place. We wish our activities to be as transparent as possible and our customers can be sure that all timber from forest is delivered to the roadside and to the final place of delivery.

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