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We rank among the largest round timber trading companies in Latvia.

The purchasing price of round timber depends on the geographical location of the forest, delivery place of round timber and assortment. We are open to all types of offers, we purchase round timber from the log yards next to the roads, yards in the forest stand, as well as at the points of delivery. We ensure the measuring of the material at the final acceptance sites. 

We guarantee a fair price that conforms to the assortment of your timber, correct measurements and immediate payment on the day of the transaction.

Example: if you have felled your forest and your material is stored in the log yards at the felling site, we will ensure convenient transportation of materials to the points of delivery and measuring thereof at the final acceptance sites. We will pay for the materials on the date of pick-up thereof, as well as ensure the highest possible payment for all types of assortments.

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Other Services
Forest, sun light beams

Purchase of forests and felling areas

Dižozols always adapts to the customer's wishes. In case customer does not want a full cycle management offer, we will prepare a forest property or cutting site purchase offer. With our unique technical solutions, we can evaluate the property or cutting site and prepare the offer within 24 hours after receiving the documents. When signing a contract, we make a 100% advance payment of the purchase sum.

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Forest Management

Every forest, if managed properly, can serve as a source of wealth and happines for its owner. Our knowledgeable and experienced staff will help make every forest a profitable investment with growing value.

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