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Dižozols ranks among the fastest growing Latvian businesses

TOP 100 fastest growing Latvian businesses, in terms of their turnover growth, are listed by Lursoft. SIA Dižozols was included in the list in view of its turnover growing by 359.94% measured against 2015 (11.97 million in 2017).


In connection with the centenary of the Republic of Latvia, President of the State honours the most important Latvian businesses

During the reception that was held in Riga Palace on the eve of the centenary celebration, Raimonds Vējonis, President of the State, honoured the most important Latvian businesses. "Thank you for your persistence and contribution to creating new values! By increasing income and creating jobs, each one of you strengthens our country," he said in his speech.


Legally sound service — a full cycle of forest management

It is very simple — an enterprise that offers a full cycle of forest management intends to become a long-term partner for the customer. Long-term is most often 5 years, but may well be 20-25 years. In the contract, the enterprise includes all work that will be done on the site and, consequently, plans its operations. At the same time, the customer is entitled to terminate the contract at any time if he is not satisfied with the service. The resulting logic is simple: the enterprise is interested in delivering quality service to ensure that it itself manages the customer's property as long as possible.


Technologies are beneficial for a modern forest management

Juris Andžejevskis is very eager and proud to tell of the motivation for Dižozols to constantly introduce new technologies and the benefits they present to customers. He stresses that no other rival company in Latvia offers a similar approach and is sure that this is the only way for ensuring complete transparency of management services.


Tending of young stands - investment in future well-being

According to Ģirts Mazistabs who has been a forest management consultant for over 25 years, there are no insignificant activities in forest management. Every activity has a meaning and it must be carried out at a definite time to grow ample forest in terms of timber. Reforestation starts as soon as the main crop, timber, is collected. The old forest has accomplished its mission of producing timber and it is time for the new stand to take over. Forest is like a garden where soil is prepared in autumn and young trees are planted in spring.


Dižozols has introduced innovations to the Scandinavian forest management model


Reaping the maximum benefit for the owner and his family today

Currently Dižozols has developed an ambitious goal — to change the way Latvian forest owners view their property by encouraging them to gain the maximum benefit today and increase its value in future. Thereby the Scandinavian best practice will be taken over and implemented in Latvia. Read more in an interview with forest management consultant of the company Dizozols, with more than 20 years of experience at the State Forest Service Ivo Liepnieks.


Dižozols team takes part in the collective work aimed at tending grand oak trees of Latvia

In mid-August, in Ventspils region, in "Pilsupes" estate, the collective work was done aimed at tending grand oak trees of Latvia. As a result of that joint effort, a nature trail was formed. The biggest grand oak there is 7.65m in perimeter.

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