Forest Management

We offer a full cycle of forest management in the entire territory of Latvia – from forest restoration to final felling and timber sales.

Manage your forest wisely and responsibly! If you own forest land that you are not currently using for forestry activities – entrust its management to us. We will take care to ensure that the forest brings you profit already today. Furthermore, sanitary felling and thinning reduces the growth cycle of the forest, improves its quality and thus - increases its sales price.

Dižozols is the leader in full cycle forest management. We invite every forest owner to actively use the opportunity to considerably and rapidly raise the forest value by taking care of them.

Example: You own 5 ha of land, which includes 3 ha of forest. Performance of thinning in the forest is possible this year. As a result of thinning, the total volume of processed timber will be 300 m3. You will receive approximately EUR 8,000, if you sell it, furthermore, the increase in the value of the standing forest will become faster with every consecutive year. Eventually, you will receive a higher price for your standing forest, if you decide to sell it.

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The benefits of full cycle forest management

Forest land remains in the customer's possession. It is essential since it will ensure financial gain today and also in the future

Thereby the maximum gain is obtained both in terms of the volume of timber and also money, by retaining it to one's children and grandchildren. Meanwhile, the value of land is continuously growing.

The approximate sum of money for timber will be equivalent to the sum you would get if selling your forest property, since at the current market situation forest land has a very low value. Often only dry forest land types have some value, besides the payment is below real market value.

If Dižozols undertakes the provision of management services, a competent team of experts will be assigned to the forest.

Proper forest management significantly increases the value of the forest in the future.

The final word belongs to the client – all planned works, processes, timber prices and salec locations are agreed with the client BEFORE any work is initiated.

The agreement may be concluded for any duration of cooperation.

The agreement may be concluded for any range and scope of services.

The client is immediately provided with a personal forest management and logging consultant, who will be able to answer any questions.

This service agreement guarantees maximum transparency, as the customer receives third-party invoices, showing the received volumes and prices of the logged trees.

There is no need to spend extra money to make calliper measurements, as the client obtains the maximum possible price for all the logged trees from its forest at the time of their transfer.

All service prices are negotiated in the agreement.

The client may recieve a security advance before starting the logging.

Dižozols range of services

Works to be executed before initiating the logging

  • Forest survey on the site.
  • Allocation of qualified specialist.
  • Establishment of boundary tracks/clearing.
  • Establishment/restoration of bundles.
  • Forest taxation/Forest inventory/Plot characteristic indicators.
  • Preparing of forest inventory case (Forest management plan) and approval in the forest district.
  • Locating the felling areas.
  • Preparing of the felling sketches.
  • Measuring the diameter of the trees.
  • Calliper measurments of the trees.
  • Preparing the offer for wood felling and submission at the State Forest Service.
  • Preparing the offer.

Work to be executed during the logging

  • ​Preparing the felling plan (by allocating the best solutions in creating the assortment, acquiring cubature and planning of the logging, in order to acquire the maximum prices).
  • Marking of the felling area boundaries, marking of the trees to be felled, marking the ecological trees.
  • Preparing the felling areas and trees for sawing (in accordance to the type of the felling logging – thinning, selection cutting, sanitary cutting, clear cutting etc.).
  • Selection of the most appropriate forest logging technique.
  • Location and coordination of landing locations and removal roads.
  • Removal of the wood materials from the felling area till the landing location.
  • Logistics – planning of the routes and transportation of the wood materials to the final reception point.
  • Preparing of the reports for the delivered wood materials.
  • Cleaning of the landing areas.
  • Levelling of the grooves, organising of melioration systems (if crossings of water reservoirs are formed).

Work to be executed after the logging

  • Restoring of the forest/clearing, planting of the trees.
  • Sale/delivery of tree plants.
  • Free of charge forest monitoring, when signing an agreement for a period that exceeds 5 years.
  • Tending of young stands.
Other Services
Pile of round timber

Trade in Round Timber

We will buy all logs, guaranteeing the best use of all materials, high logs prices and payment for timber on the transaction day.

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Purchase of forests and felling areas

Dižozols always adapts to the customer's wishes. In case customer does not want a full cycle management offer, we will prepare a forest property or cutting site purchase offer. With our unique technical solutions, we can evaluate the property or cutting site and prepare the offer within 24 hours after receiving the documents. When signing a contract, we make a 100% advance payment of the purchase sum.

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Logistics services

We offer a wide assortment of timber production that meets various material specifications. Multifunctional materials at a good price.

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