Acquisition of felling sites and felling rights

A forest designed in a well-considered manner allows the owner both to earn money today and to increase the value of the forest in the future by keeping the forest in his property.

We provide:

  • Appraisal of the value of the felling site
  • Payment before the commencement of works
  • Possibility to receive an advance payment
  • Cleaning of the felling site after exploitation
  • Pursuant to agreement – tree planting

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Sale of felling site – what does it mean for the forest owner?

Exploitation of the felling site is part of sustainable forest management and development, which allows the forest owner to earn and continue the cycle of forest management, keeping the land in the property.

It is important to not only develop a felling site exploitation plan, which allows one to improve the regeneration capacity and productivity of the forest in the long term, but also to choose a partner whose technical base and business model can provide the most economically advantageous deal for the forest owner.

Our specialists not only provide professional advice on the issues of felling sites and felling rights, but also provide free support in solving legal issues.

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